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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some more inspirational pics

Charlotte, who went from a 22W to a size 6, has some great words of encouragement that I wanted to share. I think we all know these things, but to hear or read them is something else altogether. Yes, she is a T-Tapper, and though I love this exercise, and some of what she says pertains to it, I felt what she said can also apply to us no matter what we are doing to lose this excess weight with the help of our bands.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Go to YOUR max. It took me many weeks to work up to doing the whole TWO (with extra water breaks), and eight MONTHS to get through SATI with no water breaks. It may take you longer...or not. I took a day or two (or three) off when I needed it and tried to listen to my body.

Don't be too easy on yourself. When you don't feel like working out, as trainer Michelle said, tell yourself "Thank you for sharing" and start lacing up your shoes. Results come from many small choices to work out (or sit on the couch). I put up with some soreness for several months when I began tapping because I believed so many things were changing inside my body that I needed to tough it out.

Write it down. From the first day I kept records on printed calendar pages from printfree.com and wrote down workouts and brushing after I did them, or penciled in a plan and wrote over it in ink when completed. I printed the measurement chart from the book and filled it in, and kept a T-Tapp notebook with form tips, encouraging posts, and workout schedule ideas.

Set goals. I started out by setting two "event" goals - two of my children's weddings - and continue to set "event" goals as things come up. I wrote these down and put them in the front of my notebook where I would see them often. I didn't always reach the size or weight goal by the event, but I kept the list and still checked it off when I did reach it for that sense of accomplishment and celebration!

Don't stay discouraged. Of course you'll occasionally get discouraged, just don't live in discouragement. I had to stop brushing in front of a mirror so I wouldn't despair at my appearance. I got stuck at size 18W for THREE MONTHS even though I worked out consistently. I was not in the size I had hoped by either wedding, but I kept T-Tapping. And now I'm way smaller than either of those goals, but I wouldn't be if I had given up in discouragement.


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