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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, what the hell WAS that???


I had chicken breast for dinner tonight, and I'm feeling pretty good about HOW I was eating it -- i.e. not too fast, small bites, etc. I stopped after a few bites because I felt a little bit stuck, but not STUCK stuck. Wrong... I got stuck. Again. And what the hell is it that when you swallow you end up swallowing a lot of air which then pushes against the blockage??

Okay, so I start walking around. And then... watermouth. Is that what sliming is? I'm not even totally sure yet. But it was happening. So I headed for the bathroom just in case, but not really thinking that anything was going to happen. I just wanted to hang over the toilet and hope it would dislodge. I'm hanging there, and the saliva is working overtime, my nose starts running, and I'm spitting into the toilet, and then I wretch. I think it was water from my workout before dinner because it was clear for the most part. There really wasn't food coming up with it except for a tiny bit of "color." So after doing this a few times, and then having an episode where something feels like it's trying to come up but my body reacts by swallowing and it "bobbles" there, it's over. So is dinner -- or the chicken, I should say. Forget it. I'd be surprised if I had eaten a half ounce. I finished my mushrooms and the little tiny bit of sweet potato I had, along with my salad, and that was dinner. Done. Over. Not interested. GAH!!

So I don't know if this was a productive burp (PB) or something totally different, but I'm running out of proteins I can eat. *sigh*


  1. yup, that's a PB! welcome to the voms!

    -another bandster

  2. I thought a PB was a productive BURP, not a productive BARF. Ugh...