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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gonna put new batteries in my scale

I got on the damn thing this morning and I was only down one pound. This is after I have bobbled up and down every day for the last 5-6 days. GRRR!!!

My low was 241.5, and since then, I've been up as high as 244 and no lower than 242. This morning I was just baffled that it was reading what it was, especially since I have been doing SO well and really adhering to what I need to be doing: types of food and amount. So I got back on the scale before I headed out (but before I got dressed), and it went from 243 to 240.5! I thought, "No way..." So I got back on, and it said 242. Omg...

I have a digital scale, and I have it on a tile floor in the bathroom, so now I'm wondering if the battery is going bad. I got a new 9v for the thing, but I will also move it into the other bathroom that has a linoleum floor since it is also thought that having it on tile can also cause it to give freaky readings due to the uneven floor.

I'll give it a shot and hope the damn thing gets it right. ;)


  1. My scale went nutso similar to that but it was on a much larger scale ... I got on and it said 135 or something and I weigh 181. I wanted to keep it but since it was fairly new I returned it to Costco. The clerk asked why I was returning it and I told him cause it made me 50lbs lighter. He said he was going to purchase it for his wife lol.

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I remember when you posted that! I was jotting down... "MUST go to Costco!" :D