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Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Saggy butt"

I got some new "yoga pants" from Avenue back in January because the other ones I had didn't fit or were pretty worn out (you know how they wear out at the inner seam from rubbing? Yeah...). So I bought a handful of these things, all in the same size, but they weren't all the same manufacturer. Because of this, some fit right away, and some were too tight to wear.

Anyway... all of that to say that tonight I was wearing one of the pairs I could wear, and hubby came behind me in the kitchen and called me "saggy butt." Not MY butt, but the pants. :)

And true, they ARE very saggy.

So I decided to try on the other ones that were too tight back in January and they now fit. Wow...

:) <------ This is a happy face!


  1. Try Old Navy's Yoga Pants. They go up to a size XXL I think and when i was up to a size 24 I could still wear them and they were loose in a XXL . THey are SO FREAKING COMFY !! I Think you will love them. They are only about $19 sometimes you can get them on sale for $15.
    But congrats on them fitting now ! your doing awesome !

  2. Thanks, Mindy! I've missed seeing you online. :(

    I actually did really well with these ones from Avenue -- they were on sale for $10! So for that reason, I bought about 4-5 pair.