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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Finally, it came. Well, not finally -- I just ordered it last Friday. But I've been sitting on pins and needles since I placed the order.

"IT" is T-Tapp. What is T-Tapp? Glad you asked. T-Tapp is an exercise program that I found out about years ago and had on cassette waaaay back when. Teresa Tapp, the woman who created this, ought to get the Nobel Prize or something because it REALLY works. The workout you get is unlike anything you've ever done before -- NO impact, no jumping, no stress on joints, and anybody of any fitness level or size can do them. The results are astounding. I did the workout for a stretch of 10 days once before and lost 21 inches overall (including arms and legs). You will sweat like never before, and your heart rate is increased.

This exercise routine works the core muscle group more than any other exercise I've done before, and it elongates and tones muscles without giving you bulk.

And omg, LOOK at her!! She's 51 years old!!

I included a couple of her short videos on why it works in this post. It gives some examples of a few of her exercises and explains how and why it works so well:

Omg, I can hardly wait to get started!! She gives you inserts in the package on how to lose one, two, three, or four+ clothing sizes. Of course I want to lose more than four, so I listed the workout below to accomplish this:

* Total workout 14 days in a row
* Then every other day for 4-5 weeks
* Then two days off between workouts for 4-5 weeks
* Once you have reached your desired clothing size, workout twice a week to maintain results.

The insert claims that customers lose about a clothing size per month using the Total Workout. Some lose faster and some slower, but you should see some inch loss each week.

I will sing this woman's praises until the cows come home because THIS REALLY WORKS. And no, I'm not a paid actor. :)

Her site is T-Tapp.com.

Success stories:

Size 14 to 0:

More here: http://t-tapp.com/success/index.html

You can even try before you buy if you choose:


Time to get workin'! :)


  1. Thanks for an inspirational blog! I will get my belly moving at once! Best of luck to you on your journey, I know you will have great success! I will think of you and it will inspire me to keep going. You rock. With love, from "Mrs. Slug"

  2. Hehe, you'll need a new name. Slug-no-more. :)

  3. I've been secretly and very passively looking for an exercise video to try so finding your post today - I'm taking it as a sign!

    I run a lap band support group and will be recommending your blog to the ladies tonight. thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much, Elsie! I HIGHLY recommend it.

    If you wish, you can get a 30% off internet coupon if you get her book (it's listed on her site). I think through her it's $16.95 or so, but you can find it on Amazon or any other book site and pay much less (I got mine for about $9.95). In the back is a little slip you fill out and send in and they will send you the internet coupon that you can use on any one order. All you do is call them and they apply it.

    Well, I just got my workout done. Yep, I sweat more than anything else I've ever done. No matter how physically fit one is, you STILL find muscles that you've never used before.

    I hurt so good right now. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to check into that.