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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Health tips from Teresa

One of the inserts I got with my workout video has some interesting facts that I thought I'd share.

Internal Support

Alfalfa contains 8 digestive enzymes, numerous trace minerals (like calcium/magnesium) and high quantities of Vitamins A, D, and E. It is also one of the few plant sources of Vitamin K. Alfalfa is considered to be a "food," not an herb and is safe to take on an empty stomach or in combination with any medication.

Alfalfa is plant protein so it will naturally assist your body in eliminating "puffiness" caused by water retention. Whether your puffiness comes from excess carbohydrate consumption or hormonal changes during menstrual cycles, it will not deplete your body of nutrients. In fact, the American Dermatology Association published research results in May '99 that alfalfa reverses aging of the skin. Aging of the skin reverses because the nutrients in alfalfa help your body to produce its own collagen so it can "tighten," varicose veins can lessen, wrinkles become less prominent, and dark circles under your eyes may disappear. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties not only assist the appearance of your skin but also helps decrease internal inflammation in your body as well.

Vitamin C and Zinc help improve skin elasticity. These two ingredients synergistically stimulate collagen formation. To help your skin tighten and tone, it is recommended that you add these in addition to taking a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.

Detox and Elimination

Lemon water: Drinking warm water with fresh lemon juice helps support your liver for added detoxification and fat metabolism. Lemon is an alkaline producing fruit that can also help your body offset high acidic foods (pineapple, oranges, tomatoes, etc.) for those who get oral sores from their consumption. Just squeeze a wedge of lemon with skin and steep in a cup of hot water (like tea) for a few minutes. Drink before bedtime and/or in the morning.

Fresh grapefruit is another alkaline producing fruit that can help your body stimulate intestinal waste removal. Eating fresh grapefruit without any artificial sweeteners or sugar before or after a meal aids in both digestion as well as elimination.

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants to assist your body in disposing toxic substances that can cause cellular damage. Green tea also increases the amount of friendly bacteria in your intestine to enhance digestion and promote a healthy colon. It is best to let your green tea steep at least five minutes before drinking for optimal results.

Importance on PH Balance

Acid and alkalinity: Due to the fact that the majority of us lead stressful lives, we often forget to consume food in proper balance (protein, carbs, and fat). This can create an over acidic environment, which is not only detrimental to overall wellness, but also accelerates the aging of your skin. An over acidic environment hinders cellular repair and rejuvenation. If you want to maintain optimal skin tone and help prevent or reverse cellulite, you need to avoid or control your intake of soda, sugar, and meat (all are very acidic) as well as fake sugars and trans fats.

There are many natural products that can help when our bodies get out of balance. Holistic medicine recognizes that alfalfa, for example, is known to be the great alkalizer. Not only is it the perfect source of plant protein to help control the release of insulin, but it is also alkaline. The best approach to getting your body in correct pH balance is to consume alkaline foods regularly. T-Tapp suggests that you research information about acid vs. alkalinity and learn how your favorite foods classify. For example, lemons and grapefruit are alkaline but oranges and limes are very acidic. Raw almonds are alkaline and very good for skin support, but when roasted they become acidic. Egg whites, salmon, and turkey are alkaline but chicken, beef, and pork are acidic.

Learn how to offset acidic blood sugar levels with alkaline foods.

Hydration: A dehydrated body cannot effectively digest food, metabolize fat, assimilate nutrients, or eliminate waste. Many people think that their body can receive enough hydration from coffee, soda, or diet drinks (all of which, by the way, are acid forming), but this is not true. The average person needs a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of plain, pure water daily.

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