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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Got stuck three times this week

I know I already mentioned the pork fiasco. BAD!

The very next day I had some chicken at a Chinese place and got stuck there in the restaurant with my coworker (the only one there that I told about my band). It wasn't as painful as the pork episode, but it was uncomfortable, and I had to go try to dislodge it in the bathroom. Fun.

Then last night I got stuck on chicken again at home. Poor hubby didn't know what to do and was getting worried, but I just had to keep doubling over and trying to walk it off.

I DO believe the two chicken episodes were due to eating just a bit too fast and/or not chewing enough. Operator error, as they say. Pork, however... well, that one hurt so bad I'm never going back to having reheated pork or eating it too overcooked.

You would think I'd learn, three times in one week! Nah, I'm dumb like that.


  1. well, at least it wasnt three times in one day like someone i know ... yeah, someone i know - not me... nope, no idea what you're talking about ....

  2. HAHAHA!! Yeah, well, I'm not learnin' none too fast, it seems. I can definitely do without those. The strange thing is, they feel almost exactly like when I would have issues with my hiatal hernia.

  3. I have a tough time with pork too. And, I never attempt to eat any meat that has been reheated, it just gets rubbery and is asking to get stuck.

  4. I think that's gonna have to be the new rule. Even though I don't have big problems with all meats right NOW, I very likely will have problems in the future.