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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I passed the test!!!

Went out with a couple to another couple's house tonight for game night. We were all the same couples who had met last weekend when there was too much wine consumed by me. One of the ladies and I went to the store to get stuff to take to the other couple's house, and I determined I was going to be GOOD and SAFE tonight.

I bought cucumbers, radishes, apples, and pears, and took my tzatziki and hummus as dips. For a drink I bought a gallon jug of diet Arizona Green tea. She bought a few different types of beer, some diet sodas, and salsa. Because salsa and chips have been a real draw for her lately, she chose to substitute the chips for diet/wheat flatbreads toasted in a toaster oven. Good move!

We got to the house and the hostess had brownies, pizza, chips, and a "pizza dip." I drank ZERO alcohol (even when the host poured us all shots of Maker's Mark) and had a couple glasses of tea, followed by a couple glasses of water. I ate mostly cucumbers with the tzatziki, some radishes, one very SMALL bite of brownie (maybe as long and wide as my thumb), and three or four of my friend's makeshift chips with the "pizza dip." THAT WAS IT!!!

Hubby (who didn't go because he had a migraine) said he was very pround and asked if it was hard. Honestly, it wasn't! I went in knowing what I was going to do and I stuck to it. A couple times I thought I would drink the shot or fix ONE drink, but I chose not to, reminding myself that it is essentially straight sugar and not worth it.

I can't believe how good it felt, to be in control and NOT feel like I was barely hanging on by my fingernails. I realized I was totally in control of what went in my mouth, and that is VERY empowering.

I didn't get the workout in today that I wanted to because my friend and I were out from noon until 4:30, and we had to be ready to go by 6:30 (I ate a sensible dinner before going, so I wasn't hungry -- ANOTHER plus), but I can make that up tomorrow, no problem.

From yesterday until today I had a 2 1/2 pound weight loss, so that had me really hyped. And yesterday I was down 1 1/2, finally losing the remainder of the weight I gained last weekend (plus 1/2 pound), so it feels really good. Now I will have to stay dedicated to ME so that I don't waste half a month regaining seven pounds that had already been lost. I would be nearly at 40 pounds lost had I not let stupid stuff get the better of me. This feels much better than wine ever will, especially since I don't really LOVE wine. :)

I hope my friend also feels she did well. I told her I would help be her keeper tonight -- not that I would be on her case, but that maybe she would not feel affected by me and the party atmosphere if I kept myself in check too. She had two beers and a couple sips of the shot, so I think she did well too. And she ate her salsa with her better "chips" and I think it satisfied that craving but was better for her overall.

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