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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiny panties

'Nuff said.

I do my wash each week and fold these things that could fit on the back end of a Yugo, and I dream for the day I can wear tiny panties. Hell, maybe even a thong! And a REAL thong, not a case of these-underwear-are-two-sizes-too-small-and-are-riding-up-my-ass faux thongs.

And one day maybe even *GASP* a matching set of panties and bra.

I hope I will be this easy to please when I get to goal. *grin*


  1. You will get tiny panties ! One of the best days was when i could walk into Victoria's Secret and actually BUY a bra there . Not because of the cup size but because they had one that fit me all the way around. About the time i got into "Normal" sizes they opened a Victoria's secret OUTLET near my house. 10 panties for $25!!
    I bought 20 , I realized that the panties were the last thing i shopped for. I was in a 10 and wearing size 14/16 panties still !!
    So get smaller panties when ever you can !
    you will get there !!!

  2. ahhh, thongs... yeah, real thongs, not like the ones im wearing right now cause im too cheap to buy mat underwear ... lol...

    you are SO goign to get there!! take it one day at a time (i know - cliche, but true...)

    you are kicking ass now...

  3. I hope y'all are right. And I don't even care if I have saggy booty when I DO get there. Nyeahhh! :P lol!