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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I have gotten into TBL a few times before, but for the last number of seasons I have not followed because it usually came on while I was watching something else I was committed to. I caught the very last episode of Season 8 and saw Michelle win. Wow, did she look great!! She was beautiful all the way through, but wow was she a stunner at the end.

I'd like the show to help add to my inspiration. I don't always do well in the working-out department (I certainly didn't do it tonight like I was going to...), and I did buy some of their workout videos to help me along (um, yeah, still wrapped in the original packaging. Maybe via osmosis).

I see these people, many of whom are larger than I am, and I feel lucky, in a way, that I "only" weigh what I do. Everything is relative. Somebody out there probably wishes they weighed what I do as much as I wish I weighed the same as somebody else.

I just have to always remember, today is what it is, I can't change it, and to keep doing what I'm doing towards a better, healthier me.

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