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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wine is NOT my friend

And not in the way you're thinking.

Normally I don't even drink the stuff, so it shouldn't be a regular issue, but within the month of January, I drank more than I probably did all of 2008. First I was at my folks' for about six days and drank most of a box of wine (yes, I said a box, lol). Granted, that wasn't the only reason for my 4 1/2 pound gain as we went to the movies three times and I had popcorn. And at their house there was gummi bears and peppermint patties. So it took me a week and a half to get back to where I started. I literally JUST got to my pre-visit weight the day before last weekend's dinner party... where three of us pretty much polished off five bottles of wine. And another 2 1/2 pounds found my ass again. It took until yesterday, a full week later, to lose that plus an extra 1/2 pound for good measure. :(

Now thankfully I don't have stuff like that around the house, but I DO find that when in a social setting, I can absolutely lose track of myself and go way overboard. I guess it's the addictive personality I have. No, not the addictive personality that draws people to me like an addiction (though I do suffer so with that one too, lol), but the one where I am addicted to things and tend to do them to excess.

So this month I have lost and gained and lost the same seven pounds, which really pisses me off at myself. Had I been a good girl, I would be almost 40 pounds down since surgery. We have another get-together tonight, so let's hope that I remember this when I get there. My plan is taking hot tea or some other beverage that is non-alcoholic. I may indulge in one glass of wine, but I think if I don't get wrapped up in the party atmosphere and keep my head about me, I will remember what I'm doing and why. I don't even like wine that terribly much, so where is the worth in sabotaging my own self with it?? Duh...

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