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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why are husbands such poo-poo heads???

Omg, so we got snow the other day, which was then followed by sleet/freezing rain. Of course that means frozen snow, right?

Okay, so today hubby was working from home, and when I got home, I saw that a swatch of pipe stem (a common driveway with four houses on it off the main street) had been cleared alongside our side of the stem. HOWEVER, about five feet from the entrance to the garage was a pile of this stuff about six feet long and a good foot high! Which I have to try to drive over. To get into the garage. In a convertible. Ice. *sigh*

So I back in as I always do and the rear tires hit this stuff. Spiiiiiiiinnnnnn. I rock forward, then back again. Spiiiiiiinnnnnnn. Shit! After a couple more tries and fishtailing pretty badly, I get the BACK tires over. Now comes the front. Spiiiiiiiinnnnnnn. Rock forward, back again, spiiiiiiinnnnn. I could kill him. WTF is he thinking??? After a few more rocks back and forth, I get the front tires over but now I have to get it into the garage, and the base is a couple inches higher than the drive. I always have to hit the gas a tad bit to get the back tires up and over as it is. And.... spiiiiiiiinnnnnnn. SHIT! Rock some more, and eventually get in.

The love of my life is standing at the back door in the garage, and I ask, "Did you do this??" HE proceeds to get offended. "I worked four hours on that, blah blah blah," and I say, "Well, that's great, honey, but did you hafta leave a pile of this stuff in FRONT of the garage?" He gets pissy. And starts with his, "Fine, then I'll never..." Omg, keep me from punching him. And now the gloves are off. I tell him to grow up, he tells me I'm overreacting. I said I simply questioned him and he acted like a little baby, he said I didn't appreciate the work he did. I said If *I* had been the one to do something like that, he would have said the same thing. He says, "Fine, then I'll never...." GAAAHHHH!!! I tell him he needs to either increase his meds or take that little pink immediate-action happy pill because he's been a real pissant for two frikken farken weeks now. "PISSANT?" he asks. "Yes, among other things," I say. He says, "That's right, it's always me." I say, "I'm glad you see that." Then we go back and forth with him saying sarcastically, "You're right," "I know I'm right," "I know, I said you're right," "You got it, I'm right," "I know, cuz I'm never right," "No, honey, you're just not always right like I'm sure mommy always told you you were." Bitch, moan, hiss, boo. Nice end to a crappy week. Gaaaahhhh!!


  1. OH BOYS , that's just what they are BOYS !
    The FIRST thing out of my DH's mouth is " YOU DONT APPRECIATE ME " why is it we cant bitch about something with out them pouting that we dont appreciate what THEY DO FOR US ? Give me a pouty tantrum break BOYS !!! I hear ya girl .
    I Like the " Im sure Mommy always told you you were " That's HILARIOUS " Jason always tells me " This house is not clean ENOUGH ( well he use to he does not anymore ) SO i would tell him " WEll I dont know what you JUDGE your cleanliness FROM cause its SURE not that damn pig sty your MOTHER raised you in " LMAO Vent away my SISTA !

  2. If this is how they do stuff for us, thanks but NO THANKS!! lol