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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I tried this recipe tonight and wanted to share

Somebody on LBT posted this (sorry, I don't remember who) and I made it tonight. It was pretty darned good, so I wanted to share:

Crock-pot Shredded Chicken

4 chicken breasts (I used frozen)
1- 24oz can diced tomatoes, or crushed
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
5 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp Splenda (or sugar if you prefer)
1 onion, chopped

In a bowl, pour in tomatoes. Add vinegar, soy sauce, and splenda and mix together well. Place the chicken breast in the bottom of the crock-pot and top it with the chopped onion. Pour the sauce mixture over the chicken and cook on low for about 7 hours. I flipped the chicken breasts once during cooking. Shred the chicken and spoon a little of the sauce on top. Enjoy!!

**My note**

It was VERY good, but I found it just a teeny bit sweet. I would recommend maybe 2 tbsp sugar (I did use real sugar as I knew hubby would balk at the aftertaste in Splenda) instead of the 3 tbsp that are listed. I also used a canned tomato that had mild chiles in it. There was absolutely no spice whatsoever, but I do think it added a nice savory taste. If you wish, you could get the tomatoes with jalapenos to give it a bit of a kick. I also believe it would be fantastic topped with a bit of parmesan.


  1. This sounds very good and similar to another recipe you should give a go:
    Chicken chili:
    1 lb boneless/skinless chicken breasts
    1 16oz jar of salsa
    1 can of chili beans
    1 cup of chicken broth.

    Mix all ingredients in a crock pot and cook on high 4-6 hours or low 8-10 hours.

  2. Oooh, I loved a turkey chili my sister made once, so I am sure I'd love the chicken version as well.

    Another yummy, if you like spaghetti with meat sauce, substitute ground turkey for beef. It gives it a nice sweet flavor.

    Thanks for the recipe. I'll give it a shot. And Colorado Chick out to love it -- she's been jonesing for some salsa. :)