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Friday, January 9, 2009

Can't hardly wait for my second fill

Good Lord, what's going on? I've been starving for over a week. I only got my first fill on December 29, but lordy, since then the dog has been looking tasty. I know I was only filled .6, which isn't much at all, but it seems that since the fill I've been hungrier than I ever expected.

The nurse at my doctor's office said I would feel hungrier after the first fill, but my fill doc said I wouldn't. Now I believe the nurse, lol!


  1. This happened to me as well. I will make sure to keep my dogs away from you!! lol Call and get an appointment for next week. :)

  2. I already have one for Monday, thank GOD!!! Your dogs are too sweet and big, as is Amber. But Casey... he's just right. :P