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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Learning to "just do it"

Here lately I've been doing pretty well with exercise. Thank God for basements! Between my Richard Simmons DVDs (among others) , a stationary bike, an ellliptical trainer, and hand weights and a medicine ball, I have all I need.

Tonight wasn't one of my "scheduled" workout nights, but frankly there wasn't much on TV, and I finally just said, screw it, I can get a good hour workout in. So I did. I took a movie with me (as I can't really pull in TV down there) and worked between the bike and the elliptical -- 10 minutes each, back and forth, until I had an hour in.

Lordy, that feels good! And fitting into my size 20's didn't hurt my enthusiasm! :)


  1. Well i admire you and envy you . Im still working on just doing it ! After nearly 2 yrs of being banded I would have to say the ONE thing I have not mastered yet is just doing it when it comes to working out . So Good for you . I really need to work on this !
    Congrats !!

  2. YAY for you! you are so determined and it shows!!!!

  3. Aww, thanks, y'all!

    Mindy: I too worry that in two years -- hell, in SIX MONTHS -- I won't want to work out either. :( It sure doesn't come naturally, that's for sure.