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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some new books came in while I was away

I was specifically looking for a book that was mentioned on LBT, and it sounded like something I could definitely benefit from.

It's called "Weight Loss Surgery with the Adjustable Gastric Band: Everything You Need to Know Before and After Surgery to Lose Weight Successfully," and it's written by Robert Sewell (below):

I look forward to delving into sections such as "Causes and Treatments of Obesity," "Medical Management of the AGB (Adjustable Gastric Band)," and "Living With the AGB."

Some have called it the "bible" for those of us with the band, so I guess we'll see.

Another book that came while I was away is called "The Emotional First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery," written by Cynthia Alexander, PsyD. (below):

Because all of us have emotional issues that either led us to eat or came about once we got heavy, I thought it would be a great addition to my growing library. It covers "How to Prepare Yourself Psychologically Before Surgery," "Self-Talk," "Stress Relief and Comfort Without Food," "Beginning a Consistent Exercise Program," "Behavior Modification," "Relapse Prevention," "Relationships and How They May Change After Surgery," "Common Reactions to Weight Loss," and "Depression After Surgery."

These topics sound very meaty and real, and I really look forward to trying to learn even more about myself and about some of the challenges I may face.


  1. The WLS with the Adjustable Band book is really fantastic. I read it before my surgery and it was incredibly helpful. I still turn to it from time to time. Glad you found it too!

  2. I only wish I had known about it earlier. Some people on LBT were recommending it, so I thought it was better late than never.