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Thursday, January 8, 2009

God I really hate stupid people

I guess I'm letting some of the newbie LBTers get my blood boiling. Stupid people are just hell bent on doing everything they did before but with a band now. Personally I couldn't care less about the dolts that want to self-destruct; what bothers me is the newbies that come in and read the even bigger dolts that tell the original dolt that what they did was "probably okay" because they did it too and ended up fine. *insert huge eye roll here*

Another poster and I had fun one day on another thread to show people the stupidity of such thoughts. She went first:

post 1 - I ate something really horrible even though my doctor said i should still be on liquids. It went down fine, I'm OK, RIGHT??

post 2 - (coming from someone who's been banded for 2-3 months) - I did it too, you'll be fine.

post 3 - (coming from someone who's been banded for 2-3 YEARS) - Dont do it, the post-op diet is for healing, not for losing weight.

original poster - )Ok, thanks post 2, I'll keep on eating my fried chicken, steak, refried beans, etc while on liquids....

post 3 again - GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!

And my take:

Post 1 - I have this car. It's pretty old and worn out, but I really need to make this car last, so I got new tires which will really help my situation and allow me to get to my job so I can keep my home and pay the bills. However my overwhelming desire to drive over fields of glass shards and nails got the better of me and I did it three days after getting the new tires. Do you think they are okay?

Post 2 - Yeah, I did that once and I was fine. You'll be fine, just don't do it that often.

Post 3 - Wait, I'm no mechanic but I have owned cars for 20 years and that's just not a good thing. If you need the car to get to you job which helps keep you in your home and food on the table, you may want to reconsider doing that.

Original Poster - Okay Poster 2, thank you for sharing your experience. You came out okay, so I'm sure I will too. My tires can handle it even though the owner's manual and my mechanic said not to. That way I can enjoy my new tires AND feed my overwhelming need to drive over shards of glass and nails.

Hm, I dunno. Sounds kinda stupid when you put TIRES in the storyline... I mean, they're hundreds of dollars and you have to put the car up on those wicked lifts and stuff...

There's one guy eating a double-double burger from In-N-Out Burger, and another who was eating an entire hamburger TWO DAYS out from surgery, along with tortellini and other "small meals" right after surgery.

Good Lord, I should just stay off those threads and let the utterly stupid implode on themselves. If they want to destroy themselves, please, do it quickly. However, I get concerned for newbies who are considering lap-band OR new bandsters who all feel they can do this. ARRRGGGHH!!!


  1. wash, rinse, repeat...

    its never freaking ending ...

  2. LOL, sorry I stole your idea, but I was gonna vent here about it even before I saw your blog. I can't for the life of me figure these stupid people out.

  3. I ate an entire Ham - is that bad?

  4. LOL, an ENTIRE ham? Hm... well... NAH, so long as you did it and you're fine, then more power to ya. :P

  5. OH yeah i was on the hamburger thread 2 days post op too and i was accused of being "mean" because i told them that i would not say it was "ok"
    I have a vent on my blog about that crap too.
    Then i get accused of being Mean because i tell them maybe they were not ready for the band if they cant control them selfs 2 days post op .
    OH THE HUMANITY of telling someone what they NEED TO HEAR NOT what the freaking want to hear.
    I have NO , NO Sympathy for that at all !
    I followed my docs post op instructions ( cause its not cheating post op its going against medical advice) was it hard YES . But if no will power me can do others can too !
    So I hear ya sista !

  6. I know... they really don't want advice like they say they do. They want to feel better about what they did. I feel badly for those people more than I do their rah-rah crowd. They obviously have issues that NEED to be addressed before something happens to them. I just hope they get that help.