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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, somehow I had gained three pounds from about December 26 through January 4. Granted, we had company and ate out virtually every day (except the days immediately preceding my first fill), but omg, I was eating SALADS! The only times I ate different than that was one day I split a burger and a salad with my daughter, and only ate about 2/3 of my half of the burger. Another time I had a turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday's, along with a large salad. Anyway, that was a surprise... three pounds! So all told, in the last week I'm really down FIVE. YAY!

So as of this morning, I am officially down from that. It took until yesterday to be back at my low weight of 263.5 following the gain, and as of this morning I was down two additional pounds. Granted, I'm still starving -- stomach rumbling and everything -- but I ignored it and kept reminding myself that tomorrow I will be getting another fill. Let's hope this one works for a while, because my first left me hungry all the time. :(


  1. Congrats !!! those pds ya gotta lose after gaining are a pain in the butt!
    I just wanted to suggest a few things maybe .
    You said you ate a lot of salads. Were you getting in ENOUGH calories during that time ?
    You might not have and that is why you did not lose.
    Also be VERY careful going out to eat ... Some things you "THINK" are ok are not . Ruby Tuesday's and TGI Friday's are BAD about their " Healthy" stuff not being so great.
    For instance, the turkey burger is 815 calories! A Veggie Burger is 955 .
    Where as a half rack of Ribs is 538 . Still not the best choice but you probably would have gotten fullER from the ribs ( more protein)
    Also look at the kids menu's. I have never had a problem ordering from them .
    Ruby Tuesday's has a chicken and broccoli on their kids menu that is only 297 calories.
    There is a book i have that i take out with me ... http://www.calorieking.com/store/product/119-2009-calorieking-calorie-fat-and-carbohydrate-counter
    I dont count calories but for when i go out and res truants can be "tricky" I use it .
    Hope that helps . Congrats on the weight loss your doing awesome !

  2. Thanks, Mindy! Wow, the turkey burger is THAT much??? Egads!! And here I thought I was making a good choice. :(

    I could see not losing during that time when I was eating a lot of salads (with chicken or shrimp in them), but to gain? I have to guess that I wasn't doing as well as I had thought. We normally don't eat out that much, but it was during the time I was sick and we had company, and cooking was out as I didn't feel that good.

    I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience, and I'll check out that book you mentioned. Thanks for the advice. You're fantastic!

  3. your welcome. Were you putting dressing on the salads ? Could have been a number of things ? It goes back to sometimes the things we think are healthy or healthier just are not.
    Eating out can be dangerous because even items listed as "Healthy" are not . Salads for example, You get a nice healthy salad, smother it in dressing, cheese, croutons, add the shear size of it and you might as well eat a burger !
    Kids menus are my favorite thing to order from. They are usually the most well balanced and low in calories.
    Eat out is "needed' Sometimes. Its all about what you eat. And ya know sometimes ya just wnat the junk !

  4. Yeah, I like to pile the stuff on a Ruby Tuesday's salad. It certainly wasn't as big as usual, and I didn't put as much of anything as usual. I drizzle honey mustard as I don't like salads sloppy with dressing. However, I am sure it wasn't "healthy" by basic standards. I have seen where some of those fast-food salads are WORSE than getting the whopper! That chaps my ass.

    I'll do better to be more careful next time. I should also have a calorie counter as you do. I have some old WW books, but they may just be in points only. I'll have to check.