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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Been looking at YouTube videos...

...of Lap-Band success stories, and it's hard to believe that one day I could -- wait, I WILL -- be one of those stories. I've been fat for nearly half my life now, so it's hard to even get my mind around the fact that those days are melting away along with my body.

Some of them are truly amazing, to the point where they don't even look the same. So I decided to take some lame photos of myself with my phone (my small camera's battery is dead), and though I can't get much of me in there (head and breast area only), I definitely see a difference in my face from pics that were taken of me in October when we went to Hawaii! My face looked like a jack-o-lantern, it was so full, and now, though it's still not slender, it's lost a lot of the puff.

I know I need to somehow keep a video journal of my success because, as time goes on, it will be hard for me to see the progress by just looking in the mirror. I have avoided the camera for so long, it will take some effort to purposely take pictures of myself or have them taken for me. But I know this will also help boost my self-confidence and feelings of success on this journey. I know 32 pounds right now is a drop in the bucket when you have to lose about 150, but I don't want to minimize it. Eight pounds more and I have lost a large bag of dog food. ;)


  1. The best way to see progress for me was pictures. When i thought " OH i dont see a difference " I would take a picture and hold it up to the pictures i took a month or so before and i could see such a difference.
    Pictures are a great way . If you have a camera with a self timer on it get a tri pod , you can get them for like $12 at Walmart.
    Its easy to do . I use to have my 7 yr old take my pictures LOL But i dont do that anymore , i use my cameras timer and my tripod !
    Congrats !

  2. I have a tripod AND a Nikon D-40, so I have no reason NOT to take pics! LOL I guess it's that I got so used to dodging the camera any time it came out that I don't automatically think about taking my pictures.

    However, I love how clothes are fitting looser. A shirt I have on right now used to be tight -- after washing it, when I put it on, I'd have to pull it away from my body to stretch it out a bit. Now it's almost loose! :D

  3. 32 pounds is awesome. That is almost 11 cans of Crisco. Just think about it. Take a picture for yourself atleast.

  4. That's very kind of you, Doc. And yes, I need to break free from the person who would always hide from cameras and have pictures taken so I can see the change. As a matter of fact, I bought a clearance digital frame for that very thing -- so it can scroll through my progress. :)

    But wow, 11 cans of Crisco... never thought of it THAT way! Always thought dog food. But Crisco... yeah, that puts things in better perspective.