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Monday, February 16, 2009

Third fill

...again, none too soon.

My second fill lasted pretty well for the first couple weeks. I was originally scheduled to have my third fill last Thursday (the 12th) but couldn't do it because of work. So I bumped it to today since I was off for President's Day.

I don't ask how much is in because I don't really care. I'm a bit curious, but it is what it is, and frankly I'm not comparing myself to anybody else anyway.

I'm hoping to feel some real restriction about now. I felt a tad at lunch (went out with ColoradoChick and her daughter, who was getting her first fill. Being that I'm on liquids today and tomorrow and then mushies for the next two days, I'm not expecting to notice a whole lot. I'm hungry now, but I expect to be. By this weekend I am "hosting" a Greek dinner party (I put that in quotes because though I will be making the main course, my house isn't big enough to house all the people who RSVPed). So I guess that will be my real test.

My next fill is scheduled for March 12, unless I feel I need one before then.

The good news is I am down 37 pounds (37.5 by my scales, but heck, I'll take it). They are very happy with my progress, and I told them by the end of this week, I could be down an entire bag of dog food. LOL I was in Weight Watchers years ago and a lady brought in a large 40-pound bag of dog food to show how much she had lost. When you see it THAT way -- and carry that stuff on your shoulder -- you see how much that weighs. So anytime here in the near future I will be crowing about having lost a bag of dog food. :)

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