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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why do I EVEN have to explain this??

Hubby and I got to talking about our eating buddies, wondering if they would call tonight. I said that if they did, he can go but I will not. I only said yes last Friday because I've been saying no for weeks and didn't want them to feel slighted. I did, however, say last week that if I went, I was deciding where so that I could pick something healthy. He says that you can get something healthy anywhere you go, which of course I disagreed with.

He said even McDonald's and other fast food places, you can get salads. I told him that it's been shown that many of those fast-food salads are worse for you than if you just got the burger. He proceeded to argue with me and was essentially trying to justify/support/promote eating out, is how I took it. I finally stopped him and said that I was NOT going to argue about this, that eating out too often had been my downfall over and over in the past -- it starts out maybe once a week, and before I know it it is up to 3-4 times a week again. And I don't care how "careful" you are, when you eat out that often, you just canNOT get ahead. If HE wants to go with them, he is more than welcome, but my days doing this, for now, are over. I said, "If I was a recovering alcoholic, would you be taking me to bars???" Good Lord...

He still tried to continue the argument, but I said I was done. I will not have these people sabotaging me again!!! I said I obviously have to take a stand against this bullshit, and eating out has not been my friend in the past. This conversation is over. So I guess it is... over, that is... for now. *sigh*

I'm just really torn about this. Not torn as to what I need to do, but HOW do you get a foodie who does not have a weight issue to "get it"??? I feel like I could cry, it's so aggravating. I feel that he will little by little put his wants over my needs like he has in the past. Hell, he STILL has no-no foods here in the house, just hidden from me. I guess that's better than having them right there in the pantry, but GOD... Last night's dinner (his) was breakfast tacos from Anita's. Brought home. It never ends.


  1. He does NOT have a food issue ? You SURE ?
    It sure does sound like he's addicted to eating out , addicted to food in some way or form ?
    Have you thought about couples counseling ? This sounds more like an issue of him not respecting you and your wishes than anything else.
    Im sorry your going through this . I hope things get better. But good for you for taking the stand, this is YOUR Life, YOUR band and YOUR weight !!

  2. Oh hell yeah he has food issues. Unfortunately for me he just doesn't have the weight issues that go with his food issues like I do. :(

    We've done couple's counseling for other things, so yes, this may be something I need to consider... to see if SOMEbody can get it through his head what this is for me: an addiction! I would hat to think if I was trying to abstain from alcohol he wouldn't want to take me to bars, or if I had a sex addiction he wouldn't bring home porno or something... He needs to see that this is no different, except that I have the added pressure of not being able to abstain from food -- only try to control WHAT I eat. I need to see if I can find some sort of food counselor that could help.