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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exercise to lift your spirits

I came home in a funk today. I'm trying to figure out some direction in my career, and I apparently applied to a "ghost job" the other day. Long story short, I think the IT guys who do our intranet posted an old job posting which I applied to, and then I get a call wondering what I was applying for. The supervisor job, I say. What supervisor job, she asks. After some back and forth, she must think I've lost my marbles or applied for the wrong area, but I finally realized, when she said the lady whose attention I sent it to hasn't worked there in some time, that I DID see what I thought I did. Okay, that's the background. My hopes of a supervisor job came crashing down, and it really hit hard.

I came home and just wanted to sit and veg on the computer while in front of the tv. The old me said, "Eh, just skip it tonight." Luckily sense won out and I said no, I promised myself that I will work out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and do something on both weekend days. Four days a week, an hour (or more) on those days, for me. There's 168 hours in a week, and we're only talking four here.

I gotta say I feel better after having done it. I reminded myself something that I read in the Emotional First Aid Kit book that I got about positive thinking and how what we think will determine how or what we do. Not only did I work out (while watching Biggest Loser, to boot), but I worked out hard. Took out my frustrations, you might say.

Glad I did it. :)

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