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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Took a fantastic walk

We had an early spring day (I'm not counting on it lasting) and took the dogs for a walk. They thought they were in heaven. It got up to 66 degrees, the sun was out, and it was just wonderful feeling outside. Hubby wanted me to ride my motorcycle with him, but I still felt it would be a bit too cool for that. Yes, I am a wussy fair-weather rider.

We have a wonderful thing here called the W&OD trail, a converted railway line that is now a black-topped walkway and National Park that goes from Alexandria to Purcellville, a distance of 45 miles! People ride bikes, walk, jog, rollerblade, and ride horses along it almost all year long. We are lucky enough to have part of it run right past our neighborhood. One direction takes me into town, and the other literally takes you into the back woods where you look like you are in the middle of nowhere (but in reality there are houses and people around).

Today I went towards town and was out for nearly an hour and a half. I wish ColoradoChick was here with me for somebody to talk to, but it was gorgeous even by myself.


  1. beautiful pics... glad you enjoyed your walk! :)

  2. I'm very fortunate to have this right here. There's really no excuse NOT to get out and walk, when I have something this fantastic almost outside my door. :)