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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally hit a new low

As of this morning, I am down four pounds since my Monday fill!! That brings my total to 41.5 pounds, which, you got it, is a large bag of dog food (plus some)!!

I couldn't believe it when I saw the scale this morning. My jaw dropped, and I said out loud, "NO WAY!!" I am now in my 240s as well.

Granted, I've been starving since Monday because I could only do liquids the last two days (on mushies today and tomorrow), but it was sooo worth it now.

I *heart* my band. However, I also realize MY hard work as well. I *heart* my hard work!! :)


  1. WOW!! Congratulations on losing your bag of dog food!! That is truly incredible!


  2. Thanks, I was pretty dang hyped this morning. I thought MAYBE by this weekend... :)