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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Voices of Recovery

I bought this little book at the OA meeting I went to a week ago and figured I would share (and document) things that are said that really hit me. It's a daily reader, so it's easy to keep up with.

"Our true insanity could be seen in the fact that we kept right on trying to find comfort in excess food, long after it began to cause us misery."

"Accept that a bite or two will not make a bad situation better."
No food exists that will make my job situation more pleasant, cure loneliness or fatigue, heal a broken relationship, or cure an illness. Eating will not fix it!

When I know this above all else, I can look at my options. Spending quiet time and listening for an answer has solved more dilemmas and cured more ills than any amount of food. Making a phone call instead of opening the refrigerator helps me find a way to handle the situation. Going for a walk is one thing that can help me find the path I need to take.

"We are neither above nor below the rest of the human race; we're a part of it."

"Coming to believe was something that happened as we began taking actions which others told us had worked for them. Whether or not we believed these actions would work for us didn't seem to matter. Once we took the action and saw it work, we began to believe."

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