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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Biggest Loser has been getting me thinking

I'm realizing how important it is to have a good support system. So far, of the two most recent couples that have left, one seemed committed while the other one did not.

First there was Daniel and Dave. Daniel was committed and doing what he needed, while Dave went home and was eating fried chicken and other junk food and not working out very much.

This week it was Joelle and Carla. Carla was busting her fanny at home while Joelle really had a really blase attitude, even after her friend came back.

To me it just shows how important it is to have committed people in your corner to help you out. Even if that support is simply a non-fat spouse or other family member being conscienteous about not bringing goodies into the house, or as hands-on as having a workout buddy or somebody who helps us be accountable for what we eat, having people in our corner is vital -- while the flip side of not having those people can be detrimental.

Just like the uncommitted people on TBL brought their buddies down with them, so too can we be affected -- OR we can affect others -- the same way. Being a person who is used to always doing things myself, I have a hard time reaching out to others and asking for help. I realize that there will be those times that I will need help, and I have to get past that thing in me that tries to be too independent. Better yet, I hope to be a help to others some day when I get this band thing down. ;)

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