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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Omg, went to my first post-op appointment today, and they let me do mushies early! Wasn't supposed to start until Friday, but the nurse said I could start today because I was healing so well.

I thought I died and went to heaven. I was already heading to Costco anyway, but now I was going with a true mission. Potato flakes? Check. Tziki? Check. Chili without beans? Check. Hummus? Check. CRAB CAKES?? CHECK! YUM!!

So for dinner tonight I had (okay, I know it sounds weird, but you do what you can on mushies) one crab cake, tziki (which I added with the crab cake, which was fantastic), and hummus. What is so funny is I started to plan for two cakes because, in the past, I would have at LEAST had two. As I was reaching for the second one, my brain said, "Wait, I won't be able to eat all that." WOW, lightbulb moment! It felt really good to not think about how much I could eat as in volume, but for once thinking about how much I could eat as in what was the max.

But boy, that was the best damn crab cake... I told friends it could have been a mud pie, and I would have said the same thing. Just the fact that I could somewhat eat something was FANTASTIC!


  1. Also you should be able to have them , might check w/ your doc , but Morning star veggie burgers , they are AWESOME !!!
    You will be in HEAVEN !

  2. You know, I wondered that as I looked at them in the store. Probably if I mooshed them up enough, it would be fine, but I'll check.