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Monday, December 29, 2008


Paul Marino is my beloved fill doctor. I hardly know him, but he is already beloved. Anybody who loves his job and cares for his patients the way he does becomes beloved way quick.

So I figured as I get to know him and hear some of his -isms, I'd put them on here to remember and share.


"If you have a problem with your band, I want you to call me no matter when it is. I would rather have 10 phone calls where I didn't need to do anything than miss one phone call where it was important. However, if you drop a hammer on your toe, do not call me -- unless, of course, you think your band had something to do with it. Then I will help you with your band, but I will not fix your toe."

*after putting on my gown and hair net thingy, he looks at me all serious-like and deadpan* "Before we get started, we have something that is of utmost importance that we need to get clear. You must remove that funny hat before you go out in public."

*I lay on bed and he inserts needle into port (during fluro)*
"C'mon, get up. What do you think, you're on vacation?"

*as we walk towards imaging maching, looking like a slapstick comedy show*
"Now this isn't something you see everyday -- somebody walking around with a needle sticking out of their stomach."

Okay, those are a few. I'll ad as he makes me giggle.

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  1. Paul is beloved! He is the absolute best! I heart him a lot!