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Monday, December 29, 2008

First fill

Dear diary, it's me again... wow. :)

Went and got my first fill. I already love my fill doc. You just want to bundle him up and bring him home. GREAT sense of humor, very warm (hug when I got there), and makes you feel at ease. Everything seems to have gone well. Got a .6 fill, but he says those numbers mean "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING." Emphasis his, of course. Yeah, yeah, I'm just curious anyway. Nyeah. :)

Have another visit scheduled for a month from now but was told if I feel I need a fill.... I said, "You mean if the dog starts looking good and not in that 'awww, isn't Fluffy cute' sort of way?" Yeah, that's pretty much a dead giveaway that it'll be time for a fill.

So I guess stats will be good: Beginning weight - 289; surgery day after 1 week liquid diet - 279; first fill - 266. Paul says any weight lost until now was a bonus, but NOW let the weight loss begin! He demands all the credit for that (which I will gladly give) but won't take any for weight gain (which I will gladly -- er, I will take). Excitement.com!

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