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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On a better note

I almost forgot about this, but I didn't really want to add it to the Grrr. :)

I finally told my mom yesterday about my band. I hadn't told any family beyond DH (of course), and though I wanted to tell her, I just didn't. DH thought maybe I shouldn't, that it might cause some issues, but she has been asking me how I've been doing and I've been talking about the foods I've been eating and the weight I've been losing... and then last night she just sounded so worried and asked if there was something wrong with me that I was keeping from her.

I finally felt that maybe I should tell her -- with the express command that she not tell my siblings or her neighbors or family friends (one of her neighbors is an overweight nurse -- the WORST kind of person to tell!). I don't really care if she tells my dad, but I just didn't want everybody else to know. Maybe I'll tell people one day, but right now I just don't feel good about letting people in on that.

Anyway, she was so happy she actually choked up and almost cried. She said she had been so worried for my health and was very happy that I did this for myself. I never thought she would be against it as she had mentioned it a time or two -- and by "it" I mean simply surgery. But until a couple months ago, I really didn't know about LapBand. All I knew about was gastric bypass which was a HUGE no-no for me, so I just pushed aside any talk of surgery.

Anyway, that's one less person. It's getting hard answering some of the questions about why, with a hiatal hernia operation, I have to eat the way I have. My boss at work has been especially nosey, asking questions (of course now SHE thinks she has a hernia) and accusing me of having had something else done. *rolls eyes*


  1. well, your boss needs to leave your medical business YOUR medical business... not hers. in the US that's not legal...

    congrats on telling your mom. i didnt tell many people until after i was banded either... now i still tell everyone who will listen.

    you're doing great! :)

  2. I agree, Christine. She's kinda nosy that way, and the main reason I won't tell her is that I am sure it would be told to others -- which is a huge no-no anyway.

    My mom only makes four people right now who know. Eventually I will probably tell everybody. I think it's that loser mentality -- you know, you try a diet, do well for a while, then fail. After a while it just gets downright embarassing. Probably when I get close to goal, I'll be happy to sing it from the rooftops. ;)