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Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is utterly amazing to me

Partied both Thursday and Friday, including drinks (the first I've had since surgery), though not nearly as many as I would typically do. I've been known to drink like a fish when I drink (which isn't often), but I always figured it was the body mass thing and the ability to absorb so much. But like eating to excess, when I would go out and party, which is rare, I would also drink to excess.

So even though I enjoyed myself and had drinks and some snacks and even felt a tad bit out of control on Friday after the bad (good?) news, I am down two more pounds as of this morning. Gawd, that feels good. Even though I enjoyed myself, I was still conscious, which hasn't happened in a very long time. Woot woot for me! :)

I also feel a bit sad, though. We have a couple we went to Hawaii with in October, people who have been our friends for a couple years. I always told my mom that I was surrounded by foodies -- hubby, and this couple. Everything for them concerns food. This couple were only told that I had a hiatal hernia done and that I was on different phases of food for the following month.

Sadly, we haven't seen them during this whole time. I think the last time we were together was the 13th of November, the very last food day I had before starting liquids. Since then, exactly one month ago now, I am officially down 21 pounds. Wonder how this will all go.

Luckily in the summertime we spend more time together (when I'm not schooling) because we ride motorcycles. His wife doesn't, but hubby and I each ride, so there's something else to do besides food... even though it usually ends up somewhere WITH food... *sigh*

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