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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still eating too fast

I need to get this in check soon since I will be filled by the end of the month. I never was one of those who was the first one finished, but I still eat too fast, especially for the band.

Our bosses took us out to a fantastic luncheon for Christmas today. We went to the same place last year, and I got the trout parmesan like I did last year as it was tasty. It was a large fillet, fresh green beans, and roasted red potatoes. Ate all the fish (protein first, good...), about 1/4 of the beans (veggies second, good), and about three small wedges of potato (starches last, good...). But because we were all making merry and chatting, a few times I caught myself not really chewing and eating it way too fast. :( Oh, and I ate a few slices of sourdough bread. Unfortunately I was really hungry when we got there.

It was also a bit more than I usually have eaten in the last month or so, but I also forgot to drink my shake this morning (boo) so no breakfast. That hasn't happened to me until today, so I'm not too worried in the overall picture. But the eating too fast... not good. I have got to get a handle on that. CONSCIOUS eating is the new way.


  1. Hi Beth--

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Four Decades More. I am sometimes apprehensive about being so raw on my blog, but I find it healing and I'm glad that people who connect with my experience are connecting with me. Thanks for your support and for sharing your banding experience. I'm hoping to have a surgery date by year end. Reading your story helps me better understand what to expect.

  2. I'm very glad I found your site as well. The one post you made that I responded to really tugged at my heart strings. I could hear the pain and lonliness in that post, and it really spoke to me. I too have felt just like that. I just wanted you to know that somebody cared.