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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My hot and cold affair with Richard

Okay, why is this?? I know me, and I know how this will all play out.

I'll start by saying that my exercise has been minimal at best since I got my surgery. Okay, let's be real: I've walked my neighborhood maybe three times, and two of those times was within days after surgery to keep from getting blood clots.

Okay, so I go looking for all my exercise tapes. Last weekend I spent four hours in the basement doing some more unpacking and straightening and looking for stuff. We've lived here three years and I have not yet come across my box of videotapes, many of which consisted of ALL my workout tapes. Gone. Nada. They obviously didn't make it here because I have now officially gone through every. single. box.

Okay, so I started out by buying my Richard Simmons videos in dvd. They've been coming since after Christmas. And of course I've been sick since the day before Christmas. I'm looking at these and wanting to get to work. When I'm sick or otherwise laid up, I really REALLY want to get to work. Know when I get over it? About five minutes after I CAN do it. Then it's like, "Eh, maybe tomorrow." And the next thing you know it is five years and 50 pounds later. Ugh.

New Years resolutions are totally overrated, but for me, this is really an opportunity for a new chance. It just works out that by the time I get over the cruds, I will be six weeks post-op, at least 25 pounds down, and really no reason NOT to start becoming partners with my band rather than making her do all the work for me. And the nice thing is, if I need some ass whoopin', all I need to do is tell my fellow Lap-Bander's that I'm slacking and they will shame me and pummel me into submission. We are Borg. Resistance is futile. :D

I made a mini-goal today by being 25 pounds down. Now it's time to look at loftier goals for the future and reach for the stars. My goal is to be in next winter's Victoria's Secret panty fest on television. I want really big wings.


  1. Well i have to tell you i am not any better and i have been saying that for over a yr . BUT i can tell you I do and am more active in my life than ever before. I do things and just go go go more than i did a yr ago .
    I park further away when i go to stores, i take the stairs instead of the elevator. But I am w/ you on this one i gotta get off my ass and work out . I got the "My personal trainer" for the Wii SO i'll shame you if you shame me !

  2. Hehe, sounds fair. We should consider ourselves fairly shamed.

    Yeah, I dunno what it is. I know the excuses I make, but ugh, I need to get moving. It's so great after a few weeks of it because then you want to do it.