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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I can't believe how different it is already

I went to lunch with a coworker today to kind of clear my head over the impending interview later this afternoon, and we went to my very favorite place across the street from work. It's this neat little restaurant with fabulous food, a tad bit pricier than say Chinese or sandwiches (lunch would usually run me about $20 with tip). The one thing I really love of theirs is their soup, but before, I would order a cup of soup, then order a lunch entree -- and usually eat it all to the point of being anywhere between full and stuffed.

Today I ordered a bowl of their crab bisque (which, for this particular bisque, the "bowl" is really just slightly bigger than a cup) and, because I'm still on mushies, a side of mashed potatoes. The soup came with a biscotti-sized slice of toasted sourdough-type bread (which I ate, even though it's not a mushy, but it just looked too good NOT to eat), and get this: I was FULL when I was done!! Not uncomfortable-full, but enough that I realized I was full. So far I've only really been eating until satiated, so I recognized the feeling as slightly full.

What a huge difference! I don't even have restriction yet, but I can't believe that that's all it took!! If it's this great already, wait until I get restriction!

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