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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

REAL food!

Second post-op visit today, and as of now, I can have real food! And here I sit, not knowing what the hell I want to have. lol

Doing well, have lost three more pounds since I saw them two weeks ago, and I will have my first fill on 12/29. WOOT!

I've been eating crab cakes for two weeks now that I about have them coming out of my ears. However, friends just called and want to go out to eat, so it will be a small Chinese dinner for me tonight.


  1. wooo hooo!! just remember it may take a few fills to get to your 'sweet spot'.... :)

  2. Yeah, the nurse "warned" me it could be 3-4 fills, so sorry it's not more immediate. However, I said I thought that was GREAT since I figured it would be more like 8-10 or so. I had no idea how many.