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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking the campus really adds up

I went to the university I'm going back to in the fall term this afternoon. I wanted to meet with my advisor to see what track I'm on and what I should consider doing once I transfer back there from the community college I'm attending now while I finish up my basics.

What was originally was only a meeting with him turned into four different things I needed or wanted to tackle. The university feels like it is a mile wide from end to end, and needless to say, I needed to walk it... from end to end.

I have my GoWear Fit set for a minimum of 5,000 steps, and today I hit over 5,500, most of those on the campus. I took the stairs instead of the elevators, and instead of moving my motorcycle from one parking area to another, I just walked it. Which is saying a lot since today was pretty hot and I was decked out in jeans and boots. :)

Unfortunately I was there much longer than I expected to be, and I didn't get to use my new rollerblades as I had hoped. But tomorrow is another day. :)

The one good thing that came of it was I was so busy that I had to REMEMBER to eat!! Omg, who woulda thunk it?? And because I had class tonight, and everything ran so long and I barely had 30 minutes to head back out again, dinner consisted of a protein drink and a small bag of beef jerkey I picked up on the way out to school. Ahhh, dinner of champions. :)


  1. Hi Beth,

    I hope I didn't speak out of turn re: the feeling inferior post - if I came out sounding pious thats the last thing I wanted. I know exactly what you mean re: the mum thing.. I have my own mother troubles (I haven't spoken to her in almost a year it got that bad..and as a result my father sided with her so hes a no go too :(, so I do know exactly what you mean. She had a way of making me feel inferior since everything to her is black and white with no gray at all. For me I took the hardest possible scenario - I cut her out - but you know what - as sad and hard as that was, I feel better for it. Nobody made me feel as bad on a day to day basis than she did. xx
    As for weetbix... they call it weetabix in the UK.. its oats and bran and all good stuff made into a brekkie cereal. Just google it lmao. Seeya

  2. Well, she and I have come a loooong way. Done the estrangement thing, and come full circle again. I just wish that there wasn't still the negativity there. I feel I've gotten enough of it through my life, let me actually succeed at something. Lift me up for once, y'know? :(

  3. Wow! The 5500 steps is awesome! It was pretty hot so I bet you burned lots of calories! Maybe we can do the pool today??!?!??!!

  4. Yessss on the pool. Um, no on the calories, apparently. I'm still the same weight today as I was yesterday. Boo. :(

  5. It takes longer than a day for exercise to show up on the scale IME. Sodium on the other hand... geez, it's right there a few hours later!

  6. Yeah, what's with that?! Plus I'm very late on my cycle and just started yesterday, so... I'm sure I'm carrying around a lot of water weight.