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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My foodie friend is pulling out the big guns now

Well, she has moved on from sending me pizza coupons via e-mail to sending me this:

Morton’s downtown and Morton's in R******* just launched a three-course $25 lunch menu.

Start out with lobster bisque, baked five onion soup, or one of the restaurant's salads. Entrée choices include grilled prime ribeye with garlic butter and mashed potatoes, grilled colossal shrimp and sea scallops with grilled vegetables and buerre blanc over sauteed spinach, or grilled Northwest king salmon with sauteed garlic green beans. Polish things off with a mini cheesecake or double chocolate mousse.

The lunch deal is available Monday through Friday.



  1. hahahahah....

    perhaps it is karma since you posted a picture of juicy beef for all of us to see.

    Did you ever stop to think of that missy?

  2. That was in the e-mail. LOL

  3. Hey look on the bright side.. no way could you get ALL that down, even if you tried! She's a ...ahem...unusual friend.

  4. Actually right now I feel like I could. I've been waaaay too hungry after my partial unfill. He said he brought me up from 4.6 to 5cc (yet down from the 5.8 he mistakenly had me at), but now I feel like I could eat that. Ugh.

    If you saw her, you'd be shocked... very tiny, eats like a bird, but she and her husband are total foodies like mine.

  5. Do you think she's trying to sabotage you on purpose? I just don't get it why someone would send so much information about fattening food to an overweight friend who is doing great on a diet! WTH?!?

    Oh well -- I love it that you're doing well anyway. Threesomes with those sexy men from Vermont notwithstanding! :)

  6. No, I really don't think she's a saboteur. I know it sounds crazy, but she's just not that way. Doesn't have a mean bone in her body. I think she just doesn't think.

    And yeah, I've been missing my guys the last day or two. Oh, well... it wasn't to be.