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Monday, June 15, 2009

One fatso please, hold the mayo

Omg, nearly seven months out and when we go out to eat, I automatically want to order like I once did: appetizer, soup, salad, entree... It's as if I want to have it all (still) and have to remind myself that I can't eat like that anymore.

How long does it take the head to catch up? How long before I realize that everything is different now?

We went out for dinner to Ruby Tuesdays with friends last night and I chose what I wanted for dinner (hubby had a buy one-get one coupon), which came with the salad bar automatically, but I found myself also looking at the soup and appetizers. WTF?

I caught myself as I sat there and said, "Whoa, what're you doing?" So I only got the entree. And, as I knew would be the case, ate less than half of it.

I'll be glad (I hope) when I reach the day that my friend has where you eat three bites and you're "stuffed." We call her meals "half a cracker and a shmear." :D


  1. lol Half a cracker and a shmear.. love that one.. what a nice place to be.. to only eat such a small amount. Sounds so good :)

  2. Yeah, and SHE'S losing. While I languish. *sigh* lol