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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Went in for my un-fill, and I think we were all surprised by the results.

I had gone in on Monday at a 4.6, and Paul asked Sue (the nurse) what she had in my chart as my new fill amount as of the other day, and she said she showed 5.2cc. HOWEVER, he pulled OUT 5.8cc! So THAT explains a LOT... my fill, instead of being .6cc, ended up being 1.2cc!

Other than being aware of some slight irritation, I already feel better!! WHEW!!


  1. I.HATE.REFLUX! Glad you are feeling better :-)

  2. I hate it too. I used to get it when I was way overweight. Haven't had it in some time until now.

  3. Yayy, I'm so glad you feel better. Amazing how taking such a small amount of fluid out can make you feel 100 percent (note to self: remember this!!!)