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Monday, June 8, 2009


No, dumbass, the reason for my mood ISN'T my job situation. It's YOU and your pussified, whiny self. Gawd, you're thick.

I'm tired of feeling that you're not a man, not a real man -- for so many different reasons. I don't like feeling like I've outgrown you like a bad mullet (is there any other kind of mullet??). I don't like feeling like if you weren't holding me back in that way that you do, I could flourish so much more. I don't like feeling that you were a big part of the reason I became this person -- gained the weight, got angry, acquired an edge that I'd like to shake, feel unsure of myself...

I am so fuckin' fed up with it all -- how it never changes, and how I realize that it never ever ever will. How you'll never grow a set. How you'll stay a mama's boy at the expense of me and my feelings. How you'll never stand up for me and treat me with the type of respect I deserve. How you'll never see how valuable I am to you, until it's too late -- and then you'll try to keep me tied down with you when I become ready to fly.

My "mood" is me giving you the cold shoulder. Maybe "I'm tired" too. But unlike you, I'm tired in a different way, a way that has the word "sick" attached to it. If you want to see me stay that way, keep it up. If you want to see the back of my head as I take my shit with me, keep it up some more.

Know why I'm not getting rid of my bird that hates you and who you hate? Because I'll be damned if YOU will determine if or when that will happen because I just may take my fucking bird with me (along with my dogs, one of whom has been a huge bone of contention between us as well) and get my own place where I can live my own life in peace -- AND with my pets. Right about now, they give me more pleasure than you do. Maybe you know this and they are a threat to you. I don't know and I don't care.

Heaven help you the day I make up my mind. I may be slow to decide, but once I have, it's over. Idiot.


  1. Round two...goes to Beth! You know...you could just give him the link to this blog...then he will figure it out!

  2. Gloves off and sucker punched! Ouch lol You obviously have a lot of anger there. Good for you getting it off your chest. If there's one thing us women understand and dislike - its apathetic men! Pah. Love your honesty.

  3. Drats, NOT understand and dislike.. its DON'T understan. Ooops too early in the morning for me. Soz.

  4. Sorry for the venting, y'all, but dang. And as for giving him the link? Heck, I've given him the third degree in every way imagineable over the years. I've said it nice, hurt, angry, yelling, you name it. Nothing gets through. Wonder if he'll get it the day I serve him with divorce papers. :(

  5. Ouch.

    But he doesn't like Dogs? Screw 'im.

  6. LOL, it's not that he doesn't like dogs, he just bitches a bit too much about one of our dogs. It gets old.