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Monday, June 8, 2009

The month pretty much wasted

With all my emotional eating this month, today's fill didn't go great. Well, not in the traditional sense.

It's just shy of a month since my last fill, and I am down .2 pounds. That's right, POINT 2. However, with how I was behaving, I SHOULD have gained 10 pounds. So, considering the 10 I would likely have lost had I been a good girl, I kinda gained 10 but it isn't showing up in the normal sense of the word. :)

I want a job. Or maybe I "need" a job. Not because I like working, but because it gives me a stability and a sense of "belonging" that sitting at home doesn't do for me.

Frankly I'm surprised the scale moved even that much, and in the right direction. I was afraid I would be one of the few bandsters who would go in for a fill and actually have gained.

Typically in the mornings I am tight, but by dinnertime I feel that I could get a Yugo down me. Paul said not after today. He says that every time, yet I keep proving him wrong. ;)

So my challenge for myself is over (down to 200 by my birthday next month), but that's okay. I just need to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get going again. Period.


  1. LOL I totally get you with the working "Out" of the house thing but if anyone tells you don't work just because you decide to stay home, whether it be raising children or handling a business, then they can go jump. Off a really high bridge!! (I don't like that people put us girls down like that.. we work... bloody hard!!) I love your posts, Beth and look forward to reading them each day.
    Cara :)

  2. Okay...so while you are trying to find a job...you could volunteer somewhere. I know its not even close to being the same bc you don't get paid for it...but it could give you a sense of belonging..and you woudl be doing something great!
    Do you know where I worked when I first moved to Pensacola? I was all cocky with my college degree and my resume...Home Depot. I worked in the paint department. That is where I met Tracey. But it was also a great place to people in general.

  3. email me if you want, can , you sound like me 4 yrs ago , the relationship , the feelings, everything . I totally understand how you feel.
    things can get better ! Love

  4. I just may do that, Mindy. Though I gotta say, it seems I'm not alone. :(

  5. I was going to email you but i cant figure out how to LOL