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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Am I getting choked by the skinny cow??

Well, I had one crab cluster left over from dinner the other night. Yes, the one I PBed on. Ugh.

Well, because hubby and I had eaten at Red Lobster a week ago and I had handled crap just fine, I assumed I had eaten too quickly or something -- so I figured if I ate slowly and deliberately, I'd be fine with crab today.

Erm, no. However, I don't know if the problem was the crab or the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich I followed it up with right afterwards. Stupid me, I should have waited a bit to see if I was going to tolerate the crab before trying the ice cream. I would think that the "cookie" portion of the ice cream is what gums up the works. I hadn't really thought of it, but when I've eaten it by itself, I've felt a slight tinge of tightness but nothing that didn't pass.

Anyway, now I'm a but gun shy of crab -- which sucks cuz I totally LOVE the stuff. :(

Oh... and as for that pineapple juice thing, I'm not sure if it's meant to dissolve it to get it down, or upset it to bring it up. I was taking tiny sips, but it would come up with the cow. Uck.


  1. I Love crab too...I hope I don't get that way I eat it all the time!!

  2. It's so strange, though... Like I said, at Red Lobster I had NO problem whatsoever. I even had lobster and shrimp. I don't know, maybe this stuff was too stringy and just got "packed".

  3. Lucky for me I'm allergic to crab lol, so no hardship when I start eating it to miss it. Bit of a bugger though if you love it and can't eat it... sigh.
    I just found skinny-cow icecreams in our supermarket this week. We are Sooooo slow over here in the West, it drives me bonkers. Must try one soon. I keep looking at the icecreams then forgetting they are there.

  4. Yeah, I've had a baaaad month. Too much ice cream, and come Monday, no weight loss. :(

    I may have to give up on the ice cream sandwiches eventually, but I DID see that they have other stuff, like ice cream on a stick. YUM!