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Monday, June 1, 2009

Great advice from others

Okay, I'm trying to take deep breaths and get a grip. Some of the messages I've been given are things I certainly know, but sometimes I (we?) still need to hear them. Lord knows we're usually good about being able to give it out to others, but that same information doesn't seem to work the same way for ourselves. I guess that's one of the reasons we need one another.

1. This is NOT a diet. This isn't something I will fail. I may have temporary setbacks, but most aspects of the band work in my favor and will, over the long run, give me results.

2. This is NOT going to last forever. Whatever the issue is, it will eventually end, so I just have to realize that I will eventually get back into a routine and have things to keep me busy rather than sitting around and realizing that I'm... sitting around. :)

3. I CAN ask for help, even if it's just words of encouragement from others. In the past I would suffer in silence and eat in the shadows, and I promised myself that I will NOT do that this time. The good, the bad, and the ugly will be reported here. Not only does it make me accountable to myself, it may also speak to others, which is a nice plus.

4. Eating will not make it go away, whatever "it" is. Duh...

5. I need to go outside instead of reaching for the _____________ that is speaking to me. Take a break, get away from the homework and job searching and couch potato ass and GO FOR A WALK. Take the dogs. They will thank me muchly.

6. I need to unlearn reaching for food to make me feel better (especially since it NEVER EVER EVER does) and instead teach myself to do something physical to get my anxiety out, especially since the latter works SO much better. Fire off endorphines, don't take in calories. Simple, no?

Okay, enough. Tomorrow is another day -- and the ice cream is almost gone. *embarassed smile*


  1. I love your line of thinking. Might adopt this myself - when I'm feeling better. I was banded just Friday gone 29/5 and I'm still feeling sore and sorry for myself, but like you I know this is just temporary and eventually I will be raring to go (can anyone give me a date I will feel better lol... that would surely set my mind at rest!!!)

    Shove the ice cream to the back of the freezer, swear at it and forget it. Usually works for me :)

  2. CONGRATS, Cara!!!! I didn't realize you weren't banded yet!

    You will probably feel almost normal by this Friday. It took me about a week, but within that week, some days I felt okay, and others not so much.

    Keep us updated!!