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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Throwing the past away

I've gotten a couple calls recently from an organization that takes donations of clothes or books or other things which are then sold and the money benefits children.

Of course my first reaction when they called was to say, "No, thanks," but when I heard clothes, I thought, hmmm, now THERE'S a plan!

I still plan on selling my nicer stuff on eBay, but I had "play" clothes (printed tee-shirts [which my mother HATES and is SO glad are now gone], casual pants/shorts, etc.) that I needed to get rid of and which I would never sell on eBay because they're just for schlepping around.

I was finally able to secure a date that would work for me, and it was yesterday morning. I almost forget about it before I went to bed (which was 1:30 Monday morning) and then went, CRAP. I get to work cleaning out drawers of my old stuff -- 3X, 2X, even some 1X depending -- and I was able to completely empty out a dresser in a spare bedroom which housed a lot of big stuff. Some of it still had tags on it.

The only slightly disappointing thing was that I found two pairs of size 20 jeans -- my favorite-fitting ones so far (Levis 550 boot-cut) -- with the tags still on them. I forgot I bought them a few years back when I had lost a lot of weight before. The GOOD thing was I also had a pair of 18s that I can use now. YAY! The jeans I will sell, however. Jeans seem to move well.

So... three garbage bags later, I felt purged. It's amazing how little I have now. I guess I need to go shopping. ;)


  1. I take at least a garbage bag a month to Goodwill. I dont feel like I am buying much but my closet is still full! i am about to do another load. It's like we are giving our closets and drawers a colonic cleansing!

  2. You got THAT right! I know I still have more stuff in closets and drawers that can go, but I'll get to those as time goes on.

  3. Good for you. I need to do that... I'm having some issues actually PARTING with the pile that is sitting on my floor, but it will come!!!

  4. Just look at them as the things that were a part of who you WERE. Maybe that'll help. ;)

  5. I need clothes all mine are wayyyyy to big but I dont want to go out and splurge on new ones until I absolutly have to because I know that they will just get big too but once I do get new ones all the old ones are going for good!!!

  6. I've got an attic full of pretty size 12 to 18 clothes which I couldn't bear to throw away when I put on weight. I told myself I'd get back into them one day. Thing is, they're 80's styles (and we won't mention the flares...) and I'm now 55 and could hardly get away with white lacy collars and dresses which tie up behind... I forgot I'd be getting middle aged in the meantime... How long before I sell them on eBay as fancy dress??

  7. Mary, I SWEAR by eBay. Some stuff isn't priced too hot, but other things are just a couple bucks (plus shipping).

    The jeans I mentioned are probably $38 or more brand new at the store, and the last pair I won I got for $10, another for $7.99. I'll wear them for a few months and then re-sell them and either get my money back or do better and make a few bucks.