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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ruby is a true gem

I'm one of those weirdos who does't have cable (but I DO have indoor plumbing, thank God. Being cable-less is not MY choice. I'm just sayin'...), so I've never gotten a chance to see Ruby, the woman who is documenting her weight loss with a starting weight of over 500 pounds.

I was visiting my sister and caught one episode, but wow, she certainly has done a good job, even though she has so far to go. She's "real people," like all of us are, with her ups and downs, people who are there through the thick and thin (roommate) and people who can't handle her failure and ditch her (the ex-boyfriend).

The episode I caught was right after she lost her father. What a horrible setback that must have been. She gained six pounds, but from what I could see, she was getting back on the wagon. But her depression, not wanting to log her food intake, not wanting to exercise -- well, we've all been there. In some fashion or other, we are all Ruby. She just has farther to go than many of us do.

It made me really notice how, since I haven't been logging my food, I've been doing whatever I want and getting the results I deserve: Zero weight loss or slight gains. I KNOW how important it is to pay attention to that, yet I've chosen -- yes CHOSEN -- to not do it.

I get a fill on Thursday. I promise to myself and all of you that when I begin back on whole foods on Monday, I will start logging and PAYING ATTENTION!!

And maybe I can catch Ruby online to see how she's been doing.


  1. beth, try hulu.com Have you ever been to that site? It has tons of free shows, movies, etc that you can watch from your computer!

  2. Yes, I was there the other night. Tried to watch Bridezillas, but they only have excerpts and no full shows. I figured by this weekend, I would try to see if they have any Ruby shows on there.