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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fixed a FANTASTIC dinner tonight

Today was hubby's birthday, and I wanted to make something neat with some seafood I had too much of when I prepared other meals this week.

I had some leftover raw shrimp and bay scallops, so I decided to add to that some crab meat and oysters.

Made a base sauce from butter, white wine, the oyster juice left over after removing the oysters from the jar, garlic, lime juice with pulp (I wanted to do lemon but hubby likes limes and had two), and dill.

Cooked it WAY down over a high heat, then lowered the heat and threw in the seafood. Cooked a pot of angel hair pasta about 2/3 of the way done, as was the seafood. Then pulled the pasta out of the pot and added it to the seafood, stirred them both together on a low heat, added fresh parsley and basil, a bit of salt, pepper, and sugar. Served with a bit of shredded parmesan cheese on top. Oh my freakin' God, it was SO GOOD!!

I love when stuff comes together in my head and it turns out good!

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