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Monday, July 13, 2009

Doing the right things deliver positive results -- who'da thunk?

As promised, I've been logging all my meals since my last fill on Thursday. That meant that when I went to Ocean City with foodie friend wife, I took my computer and logged what I ate to the best of my ability (since we were eating out). The good thing is that I was still on liquids on Friday and mushies on Saturday and Sunday, so I couldn't go hog wild.

Which leads to another snippet: I told foodie friend wife (already told husband on Thursday) about my surgery, my restrictions, and my requirements of myself. She had lots of questions, but all went well.

Anyway, going back to logging. As I knew (duh), logging makes me accountable to myself for what I'm doing. I can't just eat indiscriminately if I know I will have to put it down later and see the good, the bad, and the ugly of my choices. When you know you will have to look at it -- like looking at the scale after a binge -- it makes you think about your choices before you make them rather than kicking yourself in the ass after you've already done the damage.

So far so good! Today I'm only up to just over 1300 calories (where my stats allow for 1600), so I'm happy with what I did today. At one point I was jonesing for something crunchy and salty and was looking for my leftover low-fat Pringles. Thankfully hubby ate them while I was gone, so instead I went for the pistachios. And though they were a better choice, thankfully they were a bit stale (old) so after eating about four of them, I gave up and had an apple. :)

The good thing is the trip to Ocean City resulted in 3027 calories expended and 16,535 steps taken (though that's just over 6 miles, I thought for sure it was going to surpass 20,000, boo) on Saturday. Nice for just walking around (though we hoofed it a bit heading back to the car when we were done on the Boardwalk so that we could make it to the movies in time). Overall, I was very happy to be able to combine a vacation with exercise.

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