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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Even a "bad" night resulted in a calorie deficit

Hubby and I started drinking wine last night before dinner. I have made a couple dishes lately that have a wine base to them (all low-cal/fat from the recipe book I've listed here), and last night's dish was supposed to be made with white wine. Unfortunately I got a wine that had a colored bottle with a yellow label and top, and because they also have the same in red, I assumed the yellow label meant it was a white wine. WRONG! I had bought a shiraz which, to my chagrin, is apparently a red (don't know if it's good or bad that I don't know my wines, lol).

So after getting a bottle of white from the neighbor, here we were with two bottles of red that needed something done with them. So... we drank them.

Not only did we drink that, but the foodie friends of mine got me a bottle of pink champagne when I hit 50 pounds lost which has been sitting in the fridge for a while now. Not any longer! It's gone too.

And when I drink, my defenses are down. I ended up eating nearly a whole can of low-fat Pringles through the night as well. And some Wheat Thins Fiber Select crackers. Not the best, but not the worst I could have done.

I logged all of that in my GoWear Fit food journal just now and I still showed a 618 calorie deficit for the day. Luckily I went walking/running about 4.5 miles yesterday, which brought my calorie output up much higher.

Today I'm simply taking it easier food-wise. I'm not terribly hungry anyway, so I'm just eating safe stuff.

Nice to see that even what I considered a not-so-great night wasn't quite as bad as I assumed it was. I'm also happy I logged it so I wouldn't feel the "guilts" today. :)

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