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Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling more empowered

Ever since I've been logging, I feel more in control of what's going on with me. It has really curbed the indiscriminate eating. Just like the Klondike incident the other day, when I know I have to log what I'm eating (especially if the calories don't fit in my plan for the day) -- AND I get to see the net results online after dumping the info from my armband, it really gives me the realization that I'm in the driver's seat, not simply along for the ride.

Yesterday's net calorie deficit was 2010 (ate 862 and expended 2872). Today so far is a calorie deficit of 1801 (though that will grow by a couple hundred calories because I still have 3.5 hours until midnight) showing I have eaten 790 calories and expended (so far) 2591. I'll have the final tally by midnight.

I know when I eat without thinking, I feel SO out of control, and that scares me -- enough so that I usually react by eating more. Smart, huh? But logging everything, good or bad, gives me a fuller picture. And just like the other night when I thought I really blew it by drinking, in reality I was still in a deficit. Had I not logged that and found out the facts, I would have been beating myself up.

Again, though this is not a diet, it's still important for us to see what we're doing, good and bad. Eventually we will all be restricted so much that very little food will go in, but for those who have issues with sliders, you can still keep track.

I love my little friend!

>EDIT< I just uploaded the final tally for tonight:

Calories burned: 3046 (the most I've expended so far [I believe] since having the GWF)
Calories consumed: 820
Calorie deficit: 2226
Total steps: 10,492 (just shy of 4 miles)

I took the dogs for a late-night walk around the block at 11:30 to get in an additional 1106 steps. AND, because I ran some of it, I increased my vigorous activity 4 more minutes, bringing my total to 28 minutes of vigorous activity out of 82 minutes total! :)

Overall a VERY good day! :)


  1. Wow, how unbelievable is it that you can be satisfied everyday eating less than 900 calories...in the past I would have thought that was malnutrition levels! I know the exercise is a big help and it seems to be a motivator for you too. keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah, I'm surprised too. This fill seems to have really helped me feel satisfied.