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Friday, July 17, 2009

Close call!

Stress is getting to me today and I almost grabbed one of hubby's Klondike Bars -- UNTIL I looked at the calorie information (since I would have to log it) and, OMG, those suckers are 250 calories!!!

Um, no thanks. I grabbed one of my Edy's Frozen Fruit Bars instead for 30 calories and a fat free yogurt for about 80 calories.

WHEW! I'm telling ya, knowing that I had to log that puppy is what stopped me! For those of you still struggling (or simply watching yourself), logging works. It stops that blind eating of sliders and other foods we shouldn't be having.


  1. See...this makes me want to go home and thank Tracey for not having that stuff in the house for him to eat! I would cave if it was staring me in the face! Good for you!

  2. Yeah, he's a pip, isn't he? That's the new fight we have, the one where his support for me is not only waning, but is now being replaced by his own wants for this crap.

  3. I live in a house of 20 people these days. Yup. 20. We have EVERYTHING frozen in the whole yummy world, including 100 calorie klondikes. i had to explain why that was a BAD thing... cause i just go 100 calories, 200 calories, 300 calories... oy!

  4. Omg, they have 100 calorie Klondikes?? :P